Masthead Display


I’m not sure if this is working, correctly but I’ll plough on…

I just tried to insert above the snipped image that I see on the top of the page here - the upper half of a green “sign” with reversed-out white type “Unofficial FreeNAS Forum”, the bottom half appearing as if obscured by river-bottom morning fog…

Am I seeing what I’m intended to be seeing?

More questions about the site’s intentions and philosophy are brewing.


Well, I guess it did work to upload my image by snip/paste.

Question stands.

Yes, that is the intended logo. I’m certainly not married to the design, but at this point you are seeing what is intended.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Yeah, it’s not obvious that this is intentional… :confused:

I’ve done some work on the logo, but it still isn’t quite where I want it to be.