Failed NAS, help with the drives please

Hello. I am hoping someone may be able to help me, I have a HP Proliant N36L which went pop yesterday, I am running Freenas 11.1-U4 which runs ok but now the two 1tb drives (Raid 0 zfs) are not recognised, I presume the motherboard has failed, I can however plug the drives into the USB ports using adapters on the front panel and they will show up in the web interface as drives, but what do I do from there to get my data back ?, I don’t want to mess about and lose everything, I would appreciate any help please.

Also is it viable to copy config from boot usb stick to a fresh install of freenas on a hard drive and use the hard drive on another PC with the Nas drives connected and access my data from there ?

Yes, it is, though ordinarily I’d recommend installing FreeNAS (or its successor, TrueNAS; the version of FreeNAS you’re using is several years old) to a small SSD rather than to a spinner.

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Thank you for the response, I hoped that would have worked for me but in the end I decided to strip my Windows PC, fit an old hard drive, install freenas and make a temporary server, copy the config from my usb stick that booted the old server to the hard drive and fit the server drives into the PC case, I was amazed when the thing booted just like the old server did and I was able to drag off my files to another laptop, worked a treat !.