Advice on replacing a disk

I want to a replace a disk in my Zpool ( a 7 disk RAIDZ1 ) i already have an 8th disk as marked “spare” in the Pool.
the disk i want to remove is part of the active array. there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a 5400RPM drive and i want to replace it with the same capacity disk but a 7200RP model to match the rest of my disks.

How should i go about this?
Should i mark the disk i want to remove as “offline” or “replace”. Does the pool “spare” automatically take its place if i do either of these things ? or do i have to do some sort of manual intervention
( do spares only kick in in the event of a disk failure?)
and does that initiate a resilver or does that have to be manually set away?
finally when i pull the disk i want, and put a new one in its place, i presume i then have to add that to the the pool as a new “spare”?

The “normal” way to replace a disk is to offline it, remove it physically from the system, install its replacement, then initiate replacement through the GUI. The “replacement” process resilvers the new disk into the array.

When you already have a spare, I can’t say for sure. I’d expect you could select the disk you want to replace, choose “replace” from the menu, then select the spare.