Backup and Move Next Cloud Installed Via danb35 / freenas-iocage-nextcloud

Hello, I’ve been running FreeNAS for some time now. Over a year ago I installed Next Cloud via the Script danb35/ freenas-iocage-nextcloud Which was almost perfect bar some internal server error which i can’t remember how I fix. :smiley:

Anyway I now come to the tricky issue of moving the Next Cloud jail to a larger system. What I tired to do was the “iocage export” then “iocage import” which had no issue until I came to start the jail. When I started it there was some complaints about the external mount files for the database, files and portsnap. which I was sort of expecting! So I deiced to remove the jails mount and remount the new location. Sort of expecting the jail to know where the data would be and start to run. But this just didn’t work, so decided to give up and plan a better method. But have not come up with anything yet and wonder what the best way to do this would be?

The current version of the script supports reinstalling over existing data–put the config file, database, and data files wherever you choose, set the paths appropriately, and start the script. It should pick up the existing installation and go from there.